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A2Z Services was created with one mission in mind: To provide high-quality and experienced range of services to management companies and investors. We have spent decades as both real estate owners and investors. As a result, we understand how complex and time-consuming managing real estate properties can become, especially with hundreds, or even thousands of units.

We specialize in providing end-to-end service such as, maintenance, rent-ready, renovation, and remodeling. We will address the issues, monitor the progress, and update you with the result. Our commitment to competitive pricing, ensures your projects are completed on time and within budget. 

The reason people trust us with their properties is because of the peace of mind we offer. We are your “boots on the ground” when it comes to addressing daily maintenance requests, preparing units to a rent-ready condition, or larger tasks such as renovation and remodeling. You can rest easy knowing the entire project is being covered, from A to Z.

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Services we offer for your investment property; Maintenance, Rent-Ready, Renovation, and Remodeling


The upkeep on a property is never finished. It is unrealistic to think you can tend to every single issue that arises. We will take over all responsibilities for the general maintenance inside and outside of your building.



Even the best tenants leave their marks on an apartment, storefront, or office. Almost any type of commercial or residential space is going to need repairs and upgrades before it will be ready for the new tenant. We will work with your team and get right to work as soon as a space is vacated.

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Whether you own one property, or several properties with hundreds of units, it is nearly impossible for you to keep track of what needs to be renovated. With us, we track all of this for you and perform all necessary renovations immediately. Our processes ensure no time or money is lost because of a lengthy renovation project.

Renovating a House


Over time, every space you own is going to need significant upgrades in order to stay competitive. We will work together with you, so your properties will receive the type of remodeling needed to make them as attractive as possible to future tenants, and profitable with the highest return on your investment.

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A2Z Services

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